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  1. This message is with reference to the unauthorised usage of images available on our website for your website as an example
    We have checked it thoroughly but did not find any record of licensing the 44 above-said images to you for any purpose. The images have been illegally used by your company after downloading the same from our website without paying any license fee and without any legal authority whatsoever. is the fully owned subsidiary of Mash Audio Visuals Private Limited, which is the exclusive owner and copyright holder of the said images and has the exclusive right for the grant of license. The said usage, reproduction and communication to the public of the image(s) amounts to Copyright Infringement of our image(s), which is a very serious criminal and civil offence under the Copyright Act, 1957.
    This is an official notice to settle the matter amicably before we initiate a stringent legal action in this matter. Kindly reply back to this email at the earliest or call  Ms Bindu on 9911366666 so that she can assist you with the settlement. 

  2. Hi, I’m a photographer from Spain and I found you are using one of my photos on your page

    It's the photo of a couple kissing in the water, the girl is wearing a white dress with beige details, and the boy is wearing a blue shirt.

    You can check that I'm the author of the original photo on my website:

    This photo is not free to use, please delete the photo from your website.
    Thank you.